Why Fry with Wi-Fi?

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In this day and age, the research is exhaustive and even a cursory survey of the scientific literature demonstrating the various dangers for exposure to various electromagnetic frequencies is conclusive!

100s of articles about the danger of exposure to electromagnetic fields are available here

Here are just a couple of titles that detail negative effects from the exposure to EMF radiation:
Does the Brain Detect 3G Mobile Phone Radiation Peaks? An Explorative In-Depth Analysis of an Experimental Study
Mobile phone radiation causes brain tumors and should be classified as a probable human carcinogen
Do magnetic fields cause increased risk of childhood leukemia via melatonin disruption?

In our humble opinion unless you have a serious case of cognitive dissonance and do not want to know, or like to keep your head in the sand, there is only one choice!  Keep yourself informed of the ever-changing field of science in the face of this disturbing technological age and consider what you can do to defend yourself and your family from being called up in  harmful frequencies electromagnetic soup!

In the following video, a Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold.

He is an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure. He has a leading website on the topic and consults with individuals, families and organizations around the world to implement solutions that reduce and eliminate EMF pollution.


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There is no phone

A Chinese saying has one fish asking another: “Do you believe in this ‘ocean’ they talk about?” Another metaphor shows one cell asking another, “Is it possible there is life on other cells?”

In the Perception Deception, David Icke states: “The universe is a tapestry of resonating waveform information fields beyond visible light from which we decode information and to which we also ‘post’ information with our thoughts and emotions – once again in theme with the wireless Internet. I call this waveform construct the Metaphysical Universe or the Cosmic Internet.


Waveform can store extraordinary amounts of information and everything we ‘see’ is decoded from this waveform level of the universe into the reality that is called visible light – the ‘world’ of the so-called conscious mind. The 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are actually decoding systems. They turn waveform information into electrical information that is communicated to the brain which, together with the whole genetic structure, decodes the electrical into the digital and holographic (illusory ‘physical’). What scientists call atoms are energetic expressions of this decoding process.”

“The brain brings into conscious reality only 40 sensory impressions out of every 11 million. Round this up to a minute’s worth of reality and it is constructed by the brain with 2,400 impressions from a possible 660 million……We are ‘seeing’ a tiny band of frequency that is an estimated 0.005 percent of what exists in the universe…… You can also see the validity of the words spoken by the child in The Matrix when he was describing how a spoon was bent:

‘Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead … only try to realize the truth.’

‘What truth?’
‘There is no spoon.’
‘There is no spoon?’

‘Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.’ ”


It is not the phone that bends …

Quantum Code feels this metaphor is better described by the famous quote by the 6th (& last) Patriarch of pre-Zen Chan Buddhism:

Two monks were debating about a flag flapping in the wind.
One said, “The flag is moving.”

The other replied, “The wind is moving.”

Passing by, the 6th Patriarch overheard this and commented,
“It is neither the wind nor the flag that is moving. It is the mind.”

Icke continues: “The universe is information – encoded information and decoded information in the same way that you drop in a software disk and the disk is decoded by the computer into a ‘reality’ on the screen……

The ‘world’ that we think is ‘physical’, but isn’t, and that we think is outside of ourselves, but isn’t, is holographic – illusory ‘physical’. Holograms are not 3 dimensional but appear to be……

The foundation of holograms, from which the apparently 3 dimensional objects are projected, is waveform information……

It really is all an illusion and what we call atoms and even waveform states only manifest as such when they are being observed. They are created by the act of observing – decoding information or thought fields. When they are not being observed (decoded) they exist only as pure potential…..

The realisation that the body is a hologram, like everything else in this reality, opens the doors to explanations about so many mysteries that baffle mainstream ‘science’…

For example one of the amazing characteristics of holograms is that every part of the hologram is a smaller version of the whole. Put another way, if you cut a holographic waveform print into 4 pieces and point the laser at each one you will not see 4 quarter sized versions of the holographic image. You will see 4 quarter sized versions of the whole hologram…

The body is a hologram so every part of the body is a smaller version of the whole….

There is a mathematical phenomenon known as ‘fractals’ which are detailed repeating patterns that can look the same on every level. They can be found in nature and throughout the universe. Fractals are, I suggest, a digital expression of holographic reality where everything is a smaller version of the whole…

One other point worth making is that a holographic universe means that the human body must be a smaller version of the universe and that there must be constant interaction between the two. Look at the similarity between the human and planetary energy fields and electrical activity in the brain and the universe (see book for examples)….

We are the universe and the universe is us. We are everything and everything is us.”

Find out more about this fascinating decoding encoding process at:


Keep smartphone away from body

Apple’s legal advice is to keep the iphone at least 10mm away from your body…..


That’s almost like a producer of spanners saying:
~ Do not hold the spanner ~

Steve Jobs was very abrupt when refusing an App that tested radiation:
One can potentially understand why he wouldn’t have been very interested in the topic!


These guys have some interesting stuff to say about the issue:




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Quantum Brain, Spirituality, And The Mind Of God


from Ervin Laszlo
– featured on huffingtonpost.com

When our brain, “a quantum computer” connects us to the world, that experience of connection is the same source from which artists and even scientists draw inspiration and creativity. The quantum connection of our brain can serve us as a subtle but trustworthy compass — one long known to traditional peoples and cultures but largely ignored in the modern world.

The experience of connection is also a source of spirituality. The great teachers entered a deeply altered state, had a spiritual experience, and when they returned to their waking state, they endeavored to capture it in words. Their words became the scriptures venerated by their followers.

The spiritual/religious experience has been basically the same in all epochs and cultures. It has always been an experience of oneness and belonging. William James described it as the sense of entering into union with something deeper and larger than oneself. The experience of people in all epochs and walks of life confirms that James was right: we are like islands on the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.

Although the basic substance of the spiritual experience has always been the same, teachers expressed it in different ways because they were only able to approximate their experience through the words and symbols of their time and place. In each time, and in each place, these symbols and expressions were unique and different.

Over the centuries these differences intensified. Groups and communities of followers, intent on maintaining their identity and ensuring their coherence, froze the original pronouncements into sacred doctrines, and made the doctrines into holy dogmas, sometimes further honed to serve their followers’ social and political aims and ambitions.

In the final count the differences between the doctrines, religions, and the insights of spiritual traditions are not differences in the substance of the experience that inspired them. They are only the differences in the way that substance has been expressed and communicated……….

………Information is entirely basic in the universe. In the latest conception the universe doesn’t consist of matter and space; it consists of energy and information. Energy exists in the form of wave-patterns and wave-propagations in the quantum vacuum that fills space; in its various forms, energy is the “hardware” of the universe. The “software” is information. The universe is not an assemblage of bits of inert matter moving passively in empty space: it’s a dynamic and coherent whole. The energy that constitutes its hardware is always and everywhere “in-formed.” It’s in-formed by what David Bohm called the implicate order and physicists now regard as the quantum vacuum or zero-point field (also called physical spacetime, universal field, or nuether). This is the “in-formation” that structures the physical world, the information we grasp as the laws of nature. Without information the energy-waves and patterns of the universe would be as random and unstructured as the behavior of a computer without its software. But the universe is not random and unstructured; it’s precisely “in-formed.” Would it be any the less precisely informed, complex systems could not have emerged in it, and we would not be here to ask how this on first sight highly improbable development could have come about.

Science’s answer to the “what” question refers to an entangled, holographic, non-locally connecting in-formation field in the cosmos. In my books, in greatest detail in Science and the Akashic Field, I discuss the evidence for this field and note that the Hindu seers referred to it as Akasha, the fundamental element of the cosmos. In recognition of this feat of insight, I am now calling the information field of the universe the Akashic Field.

But how does science’s answer to the question regarding the fundamental significance of the spiritual experience relate to the answer given by religion?

For the world’s religions the larger and deeper reality to which the spiritual experience connects us is a numinous, divine reality. It’s either a spirit or consciousness that infuses the natural world (the “immanentist” view), or a spirit or consciousness that’s above and beyond it (the “transcendentalist” claim). Traditional polytheistic religions were leaning toward the former, while the Abrahamic monotheistic religions (with some exceptions) embraced the latter.

The difference between a divine intelligence immanent in the world and one that transcends it is not negligible, but it is still only a difference in interpretation. The “raw data” for both positions is the same: it’s the spiritual experience, a quantum communion with universal oneness. In the Western religious perspective this is communion with the spirit that infuses the cosmos, identified as God. Deepak Chopra writes, “Spirituality is the experience of that domain of awareness where we experience our universality. This domain of awareness is a core consciousness that is beyond our mind, intellect, and ego. In religious traditions this core consciousness is referred to as the soul which is part of a collective soul or collective consciousness, which in turn is part of a more universal domain of consciousness referred to in religions as God.”

Our experience of the core consciousness of the world is ultimately an experience of the universal domain of consciousness Western religions call God. The experience itself, if not its interpretation, is the same in all religions, and in all religions it inspires a sense of oneness and belonging. Michael Beckwith affirms that “when you strip away the culture, history, and dogma of every religion, the teachers of those religions were teaching very similar principles and practices that led to a sense of oneness, that ended a sense of separation from the Whole.”

Science’s answer to the question of what the spiritual experience connects us to is immanentist. The information that underlies the universe, the Akashic Field, is part of the universe. This doesn’t mean that the immanentist position necessarily states the ultimate truth; it only means that science can only take an immanentist position. Scientists are limited to speaking about the natural world; they must leave speculation about transcendent realities to poets, philosophers, and spiritual masters.

It’s time to conclude. If the substance of the spiritual experience is always and everywhere the same, differences in its expression and interpretation are secondary and not a valid cause for conflict and intolerance. The world to which our quantum brain connects us is fundamentally one, whether its oneness is due to an information field within the natural world or the work of a divine transcendent intelligence. To enter into communion with this oneness has been the quest of all the great teachers and spiritual masters. And to understand the nature of this oneness has been, and is, the ultimate quest of all great scientists. Still today, physicists seek the one equation that would anchor their famous “Theory of Everything,” the theory that would account for all the laws of nature and explain everything that ever happened in our integrally whole universe. Einstein said that knowing this equation would be reading the mind of God.

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Fundamentally Quantum!

Shared from Amit Goswami’s, “Quantum Creativity” 2014.  Thanks be to Amit!

Today we’re seeing an epidemic of depression because people can’t find fulfillment in the spiritual and emotional void of the materialistic worldviewFortunately the antidote is on its way.  It is now clear that accepting the implications of quantum physics means making a basic change in our scientific worldview, from the primacy of matter to the primacy of consciousness

Here are some fundamental aspects of the new science

Psychophysical Parallelism

  • Consciousness is the foundation of all being.
  • Manifest matter is preceded by quantum possibilities or potentialities.  There are two realms of reality – potentiality and actuality.  Conscious choice collapse the possibilities into manifest actuality.  Since this choice is made from a state of consciousness beyond the ego, we refer to it as a “higher” or “quantum” consciousness, spiritual traditions refer to it as God.  And since our conscious choices are shaped by higher consciousness this process can be described as downward causation.
  • Within one undivided consciousness, there are four worlds of quantum possibilities: the material world that we navigate with our senses, the vital world whose energies we feel, the mental world in which we think and process meaning, and the world of supramental archetypes that we intuit – truth, beauty, love, etc.
  • Conscious choice precipitates the collapse of quantum possibilities (waves) of each world into the manifest realm (of actualities).  The multiple parallel worlds do not directly interact; consciousness mediates their interaction. (see diagram)
  • The collapse is nonlocal, meaning that it requires no local communication or exchange of signals.  The need for local communication via signals holds true only for space-time; quantum consciousness is nonlocal and therefore outside of space and time.
  • The quantum collapse from possibility to actuality is discontinuous.  The word transcendent, which we apply to the realm of pure potentiality, evokes both nonlocality and discontinuity.
  • In the transcendent quantum realm of pure potentiality, consciousness remains undivided from its possibilities and there is no experience.  Collapse produces “dependent co-arising” of an experiencing subject and an object that is experienced.
  • Creativity is fundamentally a phenomenon of consciousness discontinuously manifesting truly new possibilities from transcendent potentiality.  This is why in ancient traditions, creativity is referred to as a marriage between (transcendent) heaven and (immanent) earth.
  • The mind gives meaning to the interaction of consciousness and matter.
  • The value of creative work comes from what we intuit, what Plato called archetypes.
  • The role of the brain is to make representations of mental meaning.
  • Creativity is invention or discovery of new meaning.  What is truly new is meaning invented or discovered using old or new archetypal contexts and combinations thereof.

Psychophysical Parallelism

How psychophysical parallelism and downward causation create all four of our experiences

When we use the new paradigm of science within consciousness to understand creativity, we make room for everyone willing to accept their own central role in creating the experience of their lives…..
In the new science, evolution has a purposeful aspect that Darin suspected but could not include in his theory – to express and manifest the archetypes in human experience and living.  Or, to put it more poetically, to manifest heaven on earth.

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“Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities,…  And not just material possibilities, but also possibilities of meaning, of feeling, and of intuiting.  You choose everything you experience from these possibilities, so quantum physics is a way of understanding your life as one long series of choices that are in themselves the ultimate acts of creativity.”  (Amit Goswami – Quantum Creativity 2014)

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More from Amit Goswami – Quantum Creativity 2014…..

The reason why people assign such mystery to the ability to create something new can be seen in the context of a quantum leap-the kind of discontinuity we see when electrons leap from one atomic orbit to the next.  But what I find most intriguing is the promise that once we understand the creative process as an expression of quantum physics, we will have found a portal for accessing extraordinary creativity in every aspect of life.  Anyone should be able to manifest whatever they choose.

“The theory of quantum creativity is backed up by ample empirical evidence, and so is the impact it has on your life.”

“Einstein once said something to the effect that we cannot solve our problems from the same state of understanding from which they were created.  So we need a change in worldview.  And we’re finding it in quantum physics.

“When we apply quantum physics to ourselves, one of the surprises we discover is that our behaviors are no longer limited to the effects of genetics or the environment because our learned propensities are stored not only as brain memory; they are also stored outside of space and time, nonlocally.”

Make no mistake about it; there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that everything is matter.  In fact, there is much evidence to the contrary.”

To understand human creativity we need a new paradigm that includes both matter and consciousness; it must be inclusive of all human modes of experience-sensing, feeling, thinking, and intuition.  We have discovered such an inclusive paradigm.  We call it science within consciousness.  It is based on quantum physics and the metaphysics that posits consciousness as the foundation of all being.

Have a look to

Quantum Communication

Scientists say they have proven, for the first time, that quantum communication can connect multiple parties, like a three-way phone conversation. Except much, much faster.

i science times link

Fiber optic cables were used to beam three entangled photons thousands of feet apart, proving they could communicate simultaneously. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Last year, for example, researchers at the University of Science and Technology in Shanghai measured how fast “simultaneous” really is. They set up two entangled photons 10 miles apart, then observed how fast a change of state in one would register in the other. The result, according to their paper, was 10,000 times the speed of light.

In (another) experiment, (Researchers) connected fiber optic cable to trailers more than 2,000 feet apart and away from the rooftop of their Canadian laboratory. The trailers contained detectors that could sense the entangled photons and timestamp the moment of their state change down to within three nanoseconds to preserve the integrity of the experiment. No other signal except the chatter of entangled particles could travel that quickly. And according to their paper, it worked. They called the demonstration a “milestone” in quantum mechanics.

The researchers say they could use this new ability to distribute quantum keys — which unlock encrypted data — or for “quantum secret sharing.” According to Chris Erven, of the University of Bristol, “This is the first experiment where you can now imagine a network of people connected in different ways using the correlations between three or more photons.”

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Quantum Holography

Dr. Amit Goswami …

This is the only radical thinking that you need to do. But it is so radical, it’s so difficult, because our tendency is that the world is already “out there, independent of my experience. It is not.

Quantum physics has been so clear about it…”

“We were all taught in school that the world is made of stuff – of matter, of mass, of atoms. Atoms make up molecules, molecules make up materials, and everything is made of that. But atoms actually are mostly empty. For example, if this ball were the nucleus of an atom – a proton in a hydrogen atom, for example – then the electron circling this, which would describe the outer limits of that atom, would be out by that mountain over there, roughly twenty miles away, and everything in between is empty. In fact, the universe is mostly empty.

Dr. William Tiller said, “Within all the atoms and molecules – all the space within them – the particles take up an insignificant amount of the volume of an atom.”

Scientists discovered that the very small particles they were finding did not behave as they were supposed to. —> enter Quantum physics

The famous double slit experiment proved: “The conclusion is inescapable…. The single electron leaves as a particle, becomes a wave of potentials, goes through both slits and interferes with itself, to hit the wall like waves.”

The conclusion is that electrons, which are the building blocks of what we call “reality,” are not solid particles at all, but exist as waves as well. In this wave form, they are called “quanta,” which is why the study of how they behave is called “quantum physics.”

“Physicists were completely baffled by this. So they decided to peek and see which slit it actually goes through. They put a measuring device by one slit to see which one it went through, and let it fly.”

“But the quantum world is far more mysterious than they could have imagined. When they observed, the electron went back to behaving like a little marble. It produced a pattern of two bands, not an interference pattern of many. The very act of measuring, or observing, which slit it went through meant it only went through one, not both. The electron decided to act differently, as though it was aware it was being watched.”

What is matter? Marbles? Or Waves? And waves of what? And what does an observer have to do with any of this?

Particles aren’t really what they seem to be. They’re momentary manifestations – momentary “poppings” of this deeper imaginary realm, this wave-like realm, this “implicate order” as David Bohm would say it, this quantum wavy function as quantum physicists might talk about it in which there is no particle. There’s just this waviness which can spontaneously pop out as a particle.”

This means that an electron – the core element of what we call our solid “physical reality” – is only a solid particle, is only matter when someone is looking at it. Otherwise, it’s a wave, and not solid at all.

In his book, The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot said, “There is compelling evidence that the only time quanta [electrons] ever manifest as particles is when we are looking at them. When an electron isn‟t being looked at, it is always a wave.”

Dr. Jeffrey Satinover…    We like to think of space as empty and matter as solid. But in fact there is essentially nothing to matter whatsoever. It’s completely insubstantial.”

Take a look at an atom. We think of it as kind of a hard ball. Then we say, “Oh, well, no, not really. It’s this little tiny point of really dense matter right at the center surrounded by a kind of fluffy probability cloud of electrons popping in and out of existence.”

But then it turns out that that’s not even right. Even the nucleus, which we think of as so dense, pops in and out of existence just as readily as the electrons do.”

So it is not only the electrons that exist as waves and then pop into a specific location in space and time when they are observed, but also the nucleus; and the most recent research has even found that whole atoms and molecules do the same thing.

Physicist Nick Herbert says this means that the world behind our back – where we are not looking and cannot observe – is always “a radically ambiguous and ceaselessly flowing quantum soup.” But whenever we turn around and try to see the soup, our glance instantly freezes it and turns it back into “reality – like king Midas!.”

So… if matter is not solid, and reality is not “real,” what IS this physical universe that we experience and think of as so “solid” – that looks and feels so real to us? Two models have been developed to answer that question…

  • One is The “Field”
  • and another is The “Holographic Universe”

When we speak of an electron existing as a “wave,” it isn’t like an ocean wave, or a radio wave.  It is more like a wave of possible locations where the electron could end up as a particle when it is observed – it’s a wave of possibilities.

This “wave of possibilities” in which the quantum world exists has been called many names over the years, such as…

  •  the “quantum wave function”, which you heard Fred Alan Wolf talk about
  •  the “implicate order” – which was David Bohm’s term
  • the “Planck Scale” – named after Dr. Max Planck.
  • the “zero point field” – named, of course, for Dr. Zero Point
  •  the “superstring field”
  • the “unified field”

Mainly it is just called “the Field.”  It is a field of unlimited possibilities out of which everything is created.

Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field, defines it as “a field of all possibility.”

In other words, everything you can think of, and everything you can’t think of, and everything no one has thought of yet, already exists in wave form in the Field.

And what we’ve discovered at the core basis of the universe, the foundation of the universe, is a single universal field of intelligence – a field which unites gravity with electromagnetism (light), with radioactivity (with the nuclear forces). So that all the forces of nature and all the so-called particles of nature quarks, leptons, protons, neutrons are now understood to be just different ripples on a single ocean of existence.

It’s called the Unified Field, or Superstring Field a single universal field of intelligence, an ocean of existence at the basis of everything mind and matter. And all the so-called particles of the universe, the forces in our universe, everything in the universe are just ripples on that ocean of existence.”
“That’s the Unified Field, and that Field is a non-material field. Planets, trees, people, animals we’re all just waves of vibration of this underlying unified Superstring field.”

“We’re really living in a “thought” universe, a conceptual universe. Quantum mechanics is just the play and display of potentiality. So the point I’m making is the deeper you go in the structure of natural law, the less material, the less inert, the less dead the universe is the more alive, the more conscious the universe becomes. Then when you get to the foundation of the universe the Unified Field or Superstring Field it’s simply a field of pure intelligence. “Intelligence” because it’s the fountainhead of all the laws of nature. All the fundamental forces, all the fundamental particles, all the laws governing life at every level of the universe have their unified source in the Unified Field.”

That makes the Unified Field the most concentrated field of intelligence in nature – non-material, dynamic intelligence. Those are the properties of the Unified Field.

And that’s what the Unified Field is – it’s pure abstract potential, which rises in waves of vibration to give rise to the particles, the people, everything we see in the vast universe.”

So…  The “Field” is a “place” outside of space and time where everything (all possibilities) already exists, but only in “wave” form. This field does not contain particles; it is not matter; it is not part of the physical universe. Instead it is what the entire universe is made from – from these waves of possibilities.

Quantum wave function is a wave of possibility. It’s a kind of “thought” wave. And because it is a wave of thought, or possibility, or not-matter, it’s invisible to us.

“Quantum mechanics is really the play and display of information, the play and display of potentiality, waves of information, waves of potential electrons and it’s important, the word “potential”. This isn’t the world of electrons; it’s the world of “potential” electrons.”

How is “reality” created from the Field?

Most quantum physicists agree that it is a very similar process to the creation of a hologram. In other words, the Universe we see is a Holographic Universe.

Michael Talbot in The Holographic Universe, says that a hologram is “a virtual image, an image that appears to be where it is not.”  In other words, a hologram is an image that is not real.

The technical definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is that a hologram is “a three-dimensional image reproduced from a [two-dimensional] pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation (as a laser).”

Let‟s look at how a hologram is made.

It is actually a two-step process…. First, we shoot a laser beam out of a laser gun. And then we immediately split that laser beam into two beams. One of the beams – called the Reference Beam – makes its way and eventually hits a sensitive holographic plate or film. This is like the film we used to have in our cameras, before digital photography.

The other half of the laser beam hits an object first – in this case, an apple – and then hits the holographic plate. When these two parts of the original laser beam come back together at the holographic plate, they interfere with each other just like the waves did in our Double Slit experiment, and they form an interference pattern on the holographic plate.

In Step 2 we focus another laser beam on the holographic plate where our apple sits in wave form, and if we get just the right angle, out pops the apple, looking very real and very solid.

In The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot said, “It is relatively easy to understand this idea of holism in something that is external to us, like an apple in a hologram. What makes this difficult is that we are not looking at the hologram; we are part of the hologram.”

Michael Talbot said, “Creating the illusion that things are located where they are NOT is the quintessential feature of a hologram….If you look at a hologram, it seems to have extension in space, but if you pass your hand through it, you will find there is nothing there…. Despite what your senses tell you, no instrument will pick up any energy or substance where the hologram appears to be hovering.”

University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, believes… “that despite its apparent solidity, the universe is at heart a phantasm – a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.”

From Nova “The Fabric of the Cosmos: What is Space.” hosted by Brian Greene
“Space within a black hole plays by the same rules as space outside a black hole, or anywhere else. So if an object inside a black hole can be described by information on the black hole’s surface, then it might be that everything in the universe – from galaxies and stars, to you and me, even space itself – is just a projection of information stored on some distant two-dimensional surface that surrounds us.

The conclusion to Part 1 of this workshop is that quantum physics is very clear: What we call “reality” is actually a holographic picture that only looks and feels real to us inside it.

One last quote from Michael Talbot in The Holographic Universe, “There is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it – from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and spinning electrons – are only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own that it is literally beyond both space and time.”

“The “measurement problem” is this…. an atom only appears in a particular place if you measure it. In other words, an atom is spread out all over the place until a conscious observer decides to look at it. So the act of measurement – or observation – creates the entire universe.”

A single piece of holographic film (or plate, or disk) can store a very large number of objects on it. In fact, a hologram is such an efficient storage device that it is the next step in computer storage. Very soon you will begin to see what‘s being called a holographic versatile disk, or HVD, which can store 30 times the amount of data as a DVD.

“When we look at some of the modern scientific views of reality that have tried to get down, down, down to the nitty-gritty, we see that at its ultimate level, say in M-theory or String theory, that reality is not solid – it’s mostly empty space – and whatever solidity it has seems more to resemble a hologram picture rather than material, harsh, solid reality.”

But this idea that – reality is an illusion is not a new concept. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism all talk about Maya, or life as an illusion.

Mipham Rinpoche said that ―The real sky is knowing that samsara [the physical world] … merely an illusory display.

The Kabbalah says that ―the first aspect of God is all that there really exists; all else is an illusion

And A Course in Miracles puts it this way…

‘In any state apart from Heaven, life is illusion…. Outside of Heaven, only the conflict of illusion stands; senseless, impossible and beyond all reason…. Illusions are but forms. Their content is never true.’

Exactly how is this holographic 3D total immersion movie created for us to experience as physical reality? Just in the last couple of years we have discovered the answer to that question through some very amazing brain research….

Dr. Karl Pribram has had a long and illustrious career. Born in Austria in 1919, Pribram is both a neurosurgeon and a neurophysiologist who spent many years trying to find out where memories are stored in the brain.

The problem was that in the 1920’s a brain scientist by the name of Karl Lashley had found that “no matter what portion of a rat’s brain he removed, he was unable to eradicate its memory of how to perform complex tasks it had learned prior to surgery.”

So Pribram set out to solve the mystery of memory storage that seemed independent of brain cells (called neuron). But it wasn‘t until Pribram met David Bohm, one of the pioneers in quantum physics, that he found his answer.

Here‘s how Michael Talbot describes it in his book, The Holographic Universe…

“Bohm helped establish the foundation for Pribram’s theory that the brain operates in a manner similar to a hologram, in accordance with quantum mathematical principles and the characteristics of wave patterns.”

Technically, Talbot continues, “Pribram believes memories are encoded not in neurons, or small groupings of neurons, but in patterns of nerve impulses that crisscross the entire brain in the same way that patterns of laser light interference crisscross the entire area of a piece of film containing a holographic image. In other words, Pribram believes the brain is itself holographic.”

Just as a hologram functions as a sort of lens, a translating device able to convert an apparently meaningless blur of frequencies into a coherent image, Pribram believes the brain also comprises a lens and uses holographic principles to mathematically convert the frequencies it receives through the senses into the inner world of our perceptions.”

In short, Pribram believes – our brains mathematically construct “hard” reality by relying on input from a frequency domain. (the Field)

Nikola Tesla also said ― My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.

Think about a radio or TV set, which convert wave frequencies we cannot see into sounds we can hear and images we can see. Many scientific experiments have now proven that, in the same way, the human brain receives wave frequencies downloaded to it from the Field, and then converts those wave frequencies into our holographic physical reality.

The only conclusion to this experiment that makes any sense is that the brain knows what picture the computer is going to choose and display before the person is aware of it – indeed, before the computer has even chosen which picture to display – and the body is responding accordingly! Basically, what science is discovering is that our brains seem to know what‘s going to happen before we do.

“There have been some studies which have shown that when people are beginning to move a hand, or beginning to say something, that there’s actually activity in the brain – in certain nerve cells of the brain – even before they become consciously aware of what they were trying to do.”

In your case, up to 6 seconds before you make up your mind, we can predict which decision you’re going to make.

“That’s a bit frightening. It sort of implies therefore my conscious decision is a very secondary thing to my actual brain activity.”

“Absolutely, absolutely. It seems that there’s a lot of unconscious brain activity going on that is shaping your decisions, and that your consciousness comes in at a very late stage.”

Professor John Haynes explained, What our experiments reveal is that there is… a deterministic mechanism unfolding that leads up to your decision at a later point in time.

…Your brain first receives a hologram in wave frequencies downloaded from the Field. It then translates those waves into particles to create your holographic physical reality, and then it sends – that reality – out there for you to perceive and experience.

This new brain research proves that the human brain is the observer that collapses the wave function, since quantum physics says it is the observer that changes an electron from a wave into a particle.

We now know that the opposite is true: that the act of seeing actually takes place in this center in the brain. All the images we view in our lives, and all the events we experience, are actually experienced in this tiny and dark place. Both the film you are now watching and the boundless landscape you see when you gaze at the horizon actually fit into this place of a few cubic centimeters.”

This is also true when it comes to distance. Someone who watches the stars in the sky assumes they are millions of light years away from him. Yet the stars are actually inside him, in the center of vision of his brain.”

“While you are watching this film, the truth is that you are not inside the room that you assume yourself to be. On the contrary, the room is inside you. When you see your body, you think you are inside of it. But remember that your body is an image formed inside your brain as well.
To imagine matter to have an existence outside the mind is indeed a deception.”

According to the latest scientific research. We are projecting our reality first, and then perceiving it coming back to us.

The bird first arrives in our brain as wave frequencies downloaded from The Field….

The brain then translates those wave frequencies into a hologram of the bird by collapsing the wave function….

That hologram is then projected ― out there so that the bird appears to be ― real.

And then the bird ― comes back to us, through our physical perceptions.

In 1991 Michael Talbot asked…

If the holographic brain model is taken to its logical conclusions, it opens the door on the possibility that objective reality – the world of coffee cups, mountain vistas, elm trees, and table lamps – might not even exist….

Is it possible that what is ‘out there’ is really a vast, resonating symphony of wave forms, a ‘frequency domain’ that is transformed into the world as we know it only after it enters our brain?

Of course, now we know the answer is Yes. That‘s exactly what‘s happening.

David Bohm said that the tangible reality of our everyday lives is really a kind of illusion, like a holographic image… Underlying it is a deeper order of existence, a vast and more primary level of reality that gives birth to all the objects and appearances of our physical world in much the same way that a piece of holographic film gives birth to a hologram.

Here are some more quotes from The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot….

“For Pribram, this synthesis made him realize that the objective world does not exist, at least not in the way we are accustomed to believing. What is ‘out there’ is a vast ocean of waves and frequencies, and reality looks concrete to us only because our brains are able to take this holographic blur and convert it into sticks and stones and other familiar objects that make up our world.”

“If the concreteness of the world is but a secondary reality, and what is ‘out there’ is actually a holographic blur of frequencies, and if the brain is also a hologram and only processes some of the frequencies out of this blur, what becomes of objective reality?…Put quite simply, it ceases to exist.… Although we may think we are physical beings moving through a physical world, this is an illusion…. We are really ‘receivers’ floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency.”

“The double slit experiment became the basis of quantum mechanics – it’s that particles aren’t really little massy particles, they’re just probability distributions.

What’s going on here is that you have a virtual reality based on information. That’s what we want to talk about.”

And we know this from all the brain experiments that have been done proving that our brain and body know what is about to happen before we become conscious of it… “When he stimulated the little finger, the patient felt it immediately; and when he stimulated directly on the cortex, there was a delay.”

Who or what is choosing certain specific wave frequencies from the Field and downloading them to a human brain to be converted into particles to become the “reality” we see and experience?

The best answer quantum physicists have come up with so far is…               “CONSCIOUSNESS”

Here’s how Dr. Amit Goswami puts it…

“The world is made of consciousness, the world is consciousness. Consciousness is the ground of being. Quantum physics makes this as clear as daylight, because Quantum Physics says so clearly that science – quantum mathematics, which in our belief is the most fundamental mathematics, the most accurate mathematical description of nature that we have discovered.”

This mathematics shows us clearly that the movements of objects are describable only in terms of possibilities – not the actual events that happen in our experience. Quantum physics calculates only possibilities.”

Who or what chooses among these possibilities to bring the actual event of experience?

So we directly, immediately see that consciousness must be involved. Consciousness must be the ground of being of which objects are part, but not all of it. And these objects then can be described as waves of possibilities.”

“The question still remains paramount: Who is the chooser? And when we see that, we see that the chooser is free. There is freedom of choice. And out of that freedom of choice comes our actual experience.”

We are going to follow the vast majority of quantum physicists who do use “the consciousness model” as the best answer.

At its ultimate level, say in M theory or String theory, reality is not solid. It’s mostly empty space, and whatever solidity it has seems more to resemble a hologram picture rather than material, harsh, solid reality. It’s a shimmering reality that seems to be very susceptible to the power of thought.”

Fred Alan Wolf said, “Quantum Physics says that consciousness is playing a role in the universe. It says that there is a secret underground that seems to be effecting the reality we live in…”

Dr. Satinover said, “Quantum mechanics says that there is a spiritual world that makes this choice, that there is another world that is intangible that effects and influences the physical world.

Consciousness is what chooses the specific wave frequencies in The Field that it wants and downloads them to a human brain, which then converts them into space/time particles and out pops our holographic “reality.”

What is Consciousness?

V.S. Ramachandran: “We may be forced to admit that consciousness, like infinity and the particle/wave concepts in quantum mechanics, is a property that cannot be made intuitively straightforward. Consciousness – like gravity, mass, and charge – may be one of the irreducible properties of the universe for which no further account is possible.”

Darryl Anka, a channel of “Bashar” puts it this way:

Most of you understand or at least intuit that the so-called ‘higher self’, well, is relatively non-physical. Even more simply put you could say that there is a vibrational frequency above physical reality – just beyond physical reality – in which resides what you might refer to as a ‘template’ for physical reality or upon which you construct your physical experience. It is in that template level, just beyond the physical threshold, that the ‘higher self’ exists. So the “higher self’ is like a guiding principle, a governing principle so to speak.”

It might surprise you to know, as personality constructs – as physical minds – you do not conceive of any ideas. What do I mean? The personality does not conceive of concepts. It perceives concepts; it does not conceive them. Here are the three levels… The “higher self” conceives; the physical brain receives; the personality mind perceives. That’s all it does. Any idea, any inspiration, any imagination “you” have ever had doesn’t come from the physical mind portion of you; it comes from the “higher self” portion of you through the receiver – the brain – and is translated by the brain into a vibration that the physical mind then perceives as a reflected reality.”

You don’t conceive of any ideas as a physical mind. That’s not what the physical mind is designed to do. It cannot create ideas. It can only perceive the result of an idea from the ‘higher self.’

Now, this may sound at first somewhat limiting, but in fact it’s very, very freeing, because you can all stop thinking! You can all stop thinking you’re in charge. You can all stop thinking you have to think of everything. You can all stop thinking that you’re the one guiding the ship. You’re not. You are just looking at the road. You’re just experiencing the path.”
“But the reason you get into trouble, the reason you feel stuck as a physical mind is because you have been taught to believe that the physical mind is the one coming up with all this stuff. And it’s not. So when you try to manipulate it, it doesn’t work, because the physical mind is not designed to actually create those concepts. It is only designed to perceive the effect of the creation of those concepts through the receiver, the physical brain.”

And this allows you to lighten up your load, stop carrying so much baggage, stop trying to do your “higher self’s” job, and just do your own. That’s why so many of you are so tired when you are trying to do certain things in a certain way; it’s because you’re trying to do a job you weren’t designed to do. That’s exhausting! Stop! You were not hired to do that job. Your “higher self” already has the job and it’s working for you perfectly. Work with it, work with it; not against it by trying to do the job it was designed to do. Just do the job you were designed to do, which is perceive.”

So again… ‘higher self’ conceives. Physical brain receives. Physical mind perceives. That’s it.

“Consciousness” (on the other side of the Field) – the Higher Self – conceives, or creates. The physical brain receives, and now we also know it translates the wave frequencies it receives by collapsing the wave function. And you, on this side of the Field – perceive.

And yet this idea is fully supported by all the recent brain research. We – you and I in the holographic reality on this side of the Field – do not, and cannot, have any power to create our experiences.

Remember Step 2 of creating a hologram. The laser that chooses the specific wave frequencies to pop out is on the other side of the holographic plate from the hologram. So the source of everything we see in our “reality” must be on the other side of the Field choosing the specific wave frequencies to create our holograms.

So from now on through the next two workshops, I will be calling this “consciousness” the Infinite I.

In conclusion, it is your Infinite I on the other side of the Field that chooses each and every experience for you by selecting specific wave frequencies from the Field, and downloads those experiences to your brain exactly the way it wants, down to the smallest detail.

Why is this so important? Because it seems that true joy in life and peace of mind is being able to love every moment of every experience equally, without judging one experience to be “better” or “worse” than any other. When you truly realize and understand that your Infinite I is creating each and every experience for you, down to the smallest detail – and when you learn to trust your Infinite I that it has your best interest at heart – it becomes relatively easy – or should I say, relatively easier – to do that. In turn, it means you can truly live in the moment knowing the experience you are having is perfect exactly the way it is.

In the book ‘Seth’, channeled by Jane Roberts, they explore the idea that one Infinite I can have a number of Players representing it in the Game, even different Players living at different Earth times, and maybe even Players on different planets or in different universes – called Parallel Universes by the quantum physicists…

But ever since the 1920’s, physicists have been trying to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery. When they tried to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles, like electrons, they found it was utterly impossible. They had no single location.

When one studied the property of atoms, one found that the reality is far stranger than anybody would have invented in the form of fiction. Particles really do have the possibility of in some sense being in more than one place at one time.

The only explanation which anyone would come up with is that the particles don’t just exist in our universe. They flit into existence in other universes, too. And there are an infinite number of these parallel universes.”

Physicist Fred Alan Wolf says in “Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds”…

“What is a parallel universe? Like an everyday universe it is a region of space and time containing matter, galaxies, stars, planets and living beings. In other words, a parallel universe is similar and possibly even a duplicate of our own universe….

Not only in a parallel universe must there be other human beings, but these may be human beings who are exact duplicates of ourselves and who are connected to ourselves through mechanisms only explainable using quantum physics concepts….

. The possibility exists that parallel universes may be extremely close to us, perhaps only atomic dimensions away but perhaps in a higher dimension of space – an extension into what physicists call superspace….”

There is also a theory in quantum physics called the “Many Worlds Interpretation” (MWI).

Wikipedia .Many worlds claims to resolve all the paradoxes of quantum theory since every possible outcome to every event defines or exists in its own “history” or “world”. In layman’s terms, this means that there is a very large, perhaps infinite, number of universes and that everything that could possibly happen in our universe (but doesn’t) does happen in some other universe(s)….”

So there is speculation among very prominent and respected quantum physicists that other worlds might exist simultaneously with our world, and that we might have a connection to them.

This also presents an interesting new twist to Past Lives, for example. Since we know that space/time is only a function of the hologram and doesn‘t really exist, perhaps Past Lives are simply – Present Lives being lived simultaneously by another Player from the same Infinite I, and since we share the same Infinite I, we have a connection to that other Player – which we are mistakenly calling a – memory; through our mutual Infinite I.

Bill Hicks…  “The world is like a ride in an amusement park; and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real, because that’s how powerful our minds are… and the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills, and it’s very brightly colored; and it’s very loud. And it’s fun – for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they begin to question, “Is this real, or is this just a ride?” And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and they say, “Hey, don’t worry. Don’t be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.” And we kill those people! “Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride. Shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real.” It’s just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try to tell us that. You ever notice that? And let the demons run amok. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a ride.”

The Human Game model says that we, as Players, are perfect exactly as we are, and doing the job exactly as the Infinite I wants us to by freely reacting and responding to each and every experience it creates for us.  Which, by the way, means that no reaction or response we have can ever be wrong, since the Infinite I values each and every reaction and response equally.  It is only we, as Players, who judge ourselves and our reactions and responses to the experiences we have.

A few comments about the feedback loop between a Player and its Infinite I

An Infinite I creates an experience, and the Player reacts and responds to that experience. The feelings the Player has are transmitted back to the Infinite I.

Those feelings, that reaction and response, MIGHT have an influence on the next experiences the Infinite I chooses for its Player. But they don‘t have to.

An Infinite I is always free to choose any experience it wants its Player to have, regardless of any feedback from the Player.

An Infinite I downloads an experience. The Player uploads the feelings it has in reaction or response to that experience. That‘s it. That‘s the feedback loop, according to this “human game” model.

Robert Scheinfeld (the one who got me started in this model) says that – other people serve three main purposes in your holographic experience:

1. To reflect something you think or feel about yourself

2. To give you the gift of information or insight

3. To set something in motion to support you

But keep this in mind always. As far as your hologram is concerned, everyone you see in it is an actor playing a part, reading the script your Infinite I wrote for you.

The Second Part of the Human Game is the opposite of the First part….

  1. The Player knows what it has been calling – reality is not real at all, but a hologram created by its Infinite I to play the Human Game. This Game is being played by consciousness, in consciousness, and for consciousness; and in fact – there is no “out there” out there, no independent objective reality.
  2. The Player knows once it has moved into the Second Part, all holograms experienced by the Player will be totally in support of its metamorphosis into a butterfly, rather than toward more limitation and restriction.
  3. The Player knows it can never and will never experience anything in any hologram its Infinite I has not created and wanted to experience, and that its Infinite I has written and approved the script being used by anyone else appearing in the Player‘s hologram. No one in the Player‘s hologram can ever do or say anything its Infinite I has not requested.
  4. The Player knows its focus changes from thinking to feeling. In the Second Part there is nothing to analyze, dissect, or understand – never any reason to ask -why? Thinking and studying are now only the result of an inner curiosity to expand one‘s knowledge instead of being required to figure out the world or make a Player -better or more enlightened.
  5. The Player switches from assigning power ‘out there’ to make a hologram real, to “taking its power back” from it. When holograms appear that cause any kind of discomfort, it is an opportunity to recognize the hologram was in fact not real at all and reclaim that power from it.
  6. The Player leaves behind any and all judgment of anyone or anything in any hologram at any time, such as ‘good and bad’, or ‘right and wrong’. As Rudyard Kipling said in his poem, If: If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same….
  7. The Player knows that since everything is created especially for it by its Infinite I, there is never anything that needs to be fixed or changed or improved in the holograms it experiences. The only thing a Player might want to do is change its own reaction or response to any experience.
  8. The Player changes from being –proactive to being –reactive. There is nothing the Player ever again needs to – make happen. Being reactive means that when a holographic illusion appearing – out there seems to require a decision, a response, or an action, the Player takes it (as long as it does not include discomfort). Or, when the Player feels an internal motivation or impulse to act, it does. In other words, the Player follows its inner excitement as long as it is fun and brings total joy.
  9. The Player lives from moment to moment, one day at a time. There are no goals, no planning, no targets, no objectives, and no agendas. There is no past and no future – just – now.
  10. The Player develops a deep love and sincere appreciation for its Infinite I, for itself as the Player, and for all the First Part holographic creations, even though at the time of the experience they may have seemed less than joyful. In fact, the Player marvels in awe at the beautiful, perfect, and miraculous job the Player did in the First Part to convince itself it was real, and that the holographic world it saw around it was real.
  11. The Player has the knowing and the complete trust that its Infinite I will take care of all its needs (including money), and there is no reason to worry about anything. The Infinite I would not create a hologram it wanted the Player to experience if it did not also give it everything it needs for that experience.
  12. The Player wakes up each day looking forward with curious anticipation to the experiences its Infinite I will create for it that day; and the Player buckles up, relaxes, and enjoys the ride.

Life apparently works in a Holographic Universe, according to these models….

1.  Your Infinite I creates you as a Player to represent it in the Human Game.

2.  Your Infinite I (not you!) decides on an experience it wants you (the Player) to have and writes the ‘script’ for that experience by choosing the specific wave frequencies in the Field that will create this holographic 3D total immersion movie.

3.  Your Infinite I downloads the wave frequencies in this script to your brain, along with everything you as the Player will need to have this experience, including the money and the support from other Players as appropriate.

4.  If there are other Players involved in your experience, their Infinite I‘s download to their brains their own individual scripts and their parts to play in your movie that have been written or approved by your own Infinite I.

5.  Each Player has its own unique and individual experience as everyone acts out this movie, reading their scripts. Each Player has total free will to react and respond to its own unique experience in any way it wants, and no reaction or response by any Player is – wrong or – better than any other reaction or response.

6.  Whatever feelings the Player has in reaction or response to any experience is transmitted back to its Infinite I, which is why the Player was created in the first place – the whole point of the Human Game.

7.  No Player can experience anything that their Infinite I did not create and want for them, and no other Player can say or do anything in your movie that your Infinite I did not agree to and approve. (There can be no victims or perpetrators.)

8.  Nothing and no one – out there has any power over you as a Player unless you give them that power by your beliefs. (There is no – out there – out there.)
9.  Each holographic experience chosen and downloaded by your Infinite I is in the present moment. Any memories of the past and any references to the future are simply storylines in that ‘present moment’ holographic 3D total immersion movie.

In 1982, Dr. Bruce Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems. In the process he discovered that the brain of a cell is not in the nucleus, which is what I was taught in school, but in the membrane – the outer surface, or “skin” of the cell.

His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating through the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell….

His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, gave rise to one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics.

Epigenetics is to biology what quantum physics is to physics; it has turned our age-old understanding of biology upside down; or, as I’ve put it many times already, the opposite of what we have always believed is true. For example, from epigenetics we now know our perception of the environment controls our DNA, and not the other way around.
Video clips from Dr. Lipton:

3 conclusions… Conclusion 1: Perception – how you see life, “the switch” – controls behavior, because that’s protein. Perception controls which genes are being read and how they’re being read.

The third one: perception can re-write the genetic code. So perception controls life. No two people see the world in the same way. They have different perceptions.

The point is that you learn perceptions, and sometimes your perceptions can be right, and sometimes your perceptions can be wrong. Since perception controls biology, and since they can be right or wrong, then it’s more accurate to say that belief controls biology. What you believe creates your life, on the inside and on the outside.”

Stephen Davis, “Now we have heard of something called the “placebo effect,” right? The “placebo effect” is when you have a very positive thought that something can heal you. You don’t know it’s a sugar pill, but if you believe it’s the real medicine, then you can heal yourself with that. So the pill didn’t heal you; it was the thought that healed you. Statistics reveal that one-third of all medical healings, including surgery, are the result of the “placebo effect.”

Now, the placebo effect is when you have positive thinking. There was a question this morning: What about negative thinking? This is what medicine does not tell you – that there is negative thinking, and it’s called the “nocebo effect.” And in the same power that positive thinking can heal you, negative thinking can kill you. They’re both the same effect – one is more positive, one is more negative – but the effects are exactly the same on your health. One will heal you, and the other can make you sick.

If a doctor tells you you have a disease, or the doctor tells you you’re going to die, and you believe the doctor because he’s a professional, the belief will give you a disease and can cause you to die. So belief becomes an important part of medicine.”

We adjust our genes to fit the environment that we think we live in. It’s belief that changes your genes. It’s your perception that changes your genes. It’s not an accident.

“We have now found out that in every one of your cells, you have genes whose function it is to re-write the other genes when necessary. So you are all equipped with an ability to adapt and change your genes as you respond to the environment. The environment – watch where the arrow goes – the environmental signals activate genetic engineering genes. They can change your own genes, and change your genotype.

But this one – organism’s perception of the environment – is separate from the environment. Why? Because “perception” and “environment” may be two different things. I might say, “I live in a toxic, hostile environment.” But that might be my belief. I might be in a very supportive environment. So it says my perception may differ from the reality of the environment.

Nonetheless, what does perception do? Follow the blue arrow…. activates genetic engineering genes. Your own beliefs are selecting your genes. And if you don’t have the right genes to handle the stress that you’re in, your belief will re-write your genes in an effort to do so.

So there’s a lot of control over your life, but it’s mediated by the perception of the environment. That’s what’s controlling the whole thing. So our third conclusion is… not only does the perception activate behavior, not only does the perception activate the genes, but when necessary, perception re-writes genes. By adjusting your perception you can adjust your behavior. By adjusting your perception, you can select different genes in your function, by adjusting your perception, you can re-write your genes.

So I could see the world and see this, and what do you think I’m going to be in – growth or protection? Growth. So the bottom line is that how I see it is adjusting who I am. The perception interfaces between the environment and your biology. But your perception is belief. Therefore beliefs act as a filter between the real environment and your biology. So your belief filters interfere if they’re not accurate. If your beliefs are off, you’re going to select genes that are inappropriate for the environment. Again, what keeps you in balance? Keeping your perception clear.”

E.g: Money, like everything else in our holographic universe, is created from the Field by choosing specific wave frequencies and downloading them to a human brain. And the one who is choosing those frequencies from the Field is your Infinite I. It is your Infinite I that creates the money you have and no one else – not you, not the Central Banks, not the international banking cartel.

If your Infinite I wants you to have an experience, it’s going to have to provide you with everything you need for that experience, including the money.

Can’t you just picture an Infinite I at the Field, shuffling things in and out of the Infinite Inventory, choosing the frequencies for what you need?

All that’s required for you to have money is for your Infinite I to want you to have it and create it for you, and for you to be able to receive it without blocking it with your beliefs. That’s it.

We want to to let go of our beliefs altogether.

At the basis of all opinions are beliefs. At the basis of all beliefs are judgments. At the basis of all judgments are fears. And at the basis of all fears is a layer of the ego defining who you are and trying its best to maintain its existence.

Our judgments about our experiences – those arbitrary decisions about “right and wrong”, “better and worse,” “good and bad,” “good and evil” – are what cause all our pain and suffering.

There is no reason to say “No” any more to what appears in your holographic 3D total immersion movie, no matter what it is.
If we will let go of our beliefs, and the judgments underneath them, and stop resisting the experiences our Infinite I creates for us, and just say “YES!” to them – all of them – our lives will never be the same.