Shared from Amit Goswami’s, “Quantum Creativity” 2014.  Thanks be to Amit!

Today we’re seeing an epidemic of depression because people can’t find fulfillment in the spiritual and emotional void of the materialistic worldviewFortunately the antidote is on its way.  It is now clear that accepting the implications of quantum physics means making a basic change in our scientific worldview, from the primacy of matter to the primacy of consciousness

Here are some fundamental aspects of the new science

Psychophysical Parallelism

  • Consciousness is the foundation of all being.
  • Manifest matter is preceded by quantum possibilities or potentialities.  There are two realms of reality – potentiality and actuality.  Conscious choice collapse the possibilities into manifest actuality.  Since this choice is made from a state of consciousness beyond the ego, we refer to it as a “higher” or “quantum” consciousness, spiritual traditions refer to it as God.  And since our conscious choices are shaped by higher consciousness this process can be described as downward causation.
  • Within one undivided consciousness, there are four worlds of quantum possibilities: the material world that we navigate with our senses, the vital world whose energies we feel, the mental world in which we think and process meaning, and the world of supramental archetypes that we intuit – truth, beauty, love, etc.
  • Conscious choice precipitates the collapse of quantum possibilities (waves) of each world into the manifest realm (of actualities).  The multiple parallel worlds do not directly interact; consciousness mediates their interaction. (see diagram)
  • The collapse is nonlocal, meaning that it requires no local communication or exchange of signals.  The need for local communication via signals holds true only for space-time; quantum consciousness is nonlocal and therefore outside of space and time.
  • The quantum collapse from possibility to actuality is discontinuous.  The word transcendent, which we apply to the realm of pure potentiality, evokes both nonlocality and discontinuity.
  • In the transcendent quantum realm of pure potentiality, consciousness remains undivided from its possibilities and there is no experience.  Collapse produces “dependent co-arising” of an experiencing subject and an object that is experienced.
  • Creativity is fundamentally a phenomenon of consciousness discontinuously manifesting truly new possibilities from transcendent potentiality.  This is why in ancient traditions, creativity is referred to as a marriage between (transcendent) heaven and (immanent) earth.
  • The mind gives meaning to the interaction of consciousness and matter.
  • The value of creative work comes from what we intuit, what Plato called archetypes.
  • The role of the brain is to make representations of mental meaning.
  • Creativity is invention or discovery of new meaning.  What is truly new is meaning invented or discovered using old or new archetypal contexts and combinations thereof.

Psychophysical Parallelism

How psychophysical parallelism and downward causation create all four of our experiences

When we use the new paradigm of science within consciousness to understand creativity, we make room for everyone willing to accept their own central role in creating the experience of their lives…..
In the new science, evolution has a purposeful aspect that Darin suspected but could not include in his theory – to express and manifest the archetypes in human experience and living.  Or, to put it more poetically, to manifest heaven on earth.

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