A Chinese saying has one fish asking another: “Do you believe in this ‘ocean’ they talk about?” Another metaphor shows one cell asking another, “Is it possible there is life on other cells?”

In the Perception Deception, David Icke states: “The universe is a tapestry of resonating waveform information fields beyond visible light from which we decode information and to which we also ‘post’ information with our thoughts and emotions – once again in theme with the wireless Internet. I call this waveform construct the Metaphysical Universe or the Cosmic Internet.


Waveform can store extraordinary amounts of information and everything we ‘see’ is decoded from this waveform level of the universe into the reality that is called visible light – the ‘world’ of the so-called conscious mind. The 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are actually decoding systems. They turn waveform information into electrical information that is communicated to the brain which, together with the whole genetic structure, decodes the electrical into the digital and holographic (illusory ‘physical’). What scientists call atoms are energetic expressions of this decoding process.”

“The brain brings into conscious reality only 40 sensory impressions out of every 11 million. Round this up to a minute’s worth of reality and it is constructed by the brain with 2,400 impressions from a possible 660 million……We are ‘seeing’ a tiny band of frequency that is an estimated 0.005 percent of what exists in the universe…… You can also see the validity of the words spoken by the child in The Matrix when he was describing how a spoon was bent:

‘Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead … only try to realize the truth.’

‘What truth?’
‘There is no spoon.’
‘There is no spoon?’

‘Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.’ ”


It is not the phone that bends …

Quantum Code feels this metaphor is better described by the famous quote by the 6th (& last) Patriarch of pre-Zen Chan Buddhism:

Two monks were debating about a flag flapping in the wind.
One said, “The flag is moving.”

The other replied, “The wind is moving.”

Passing by, the 6th Patriarch overheard this and commented,
“It is neither the wind nor the flag that is moving. It is the mind.”

Icke continues: “The universe is information – encoded information and decoded information in the same way that you drop in a software disk and the disk is decoded by the computer into a ‘reality’ on the screen……

The ‘world’ that we think is ‘physical’, but isn’t, and that we think is outside of ourselves, but isn’t, is holographic – illusory ‘physical’. Holograms are not 3 dimensional but appear to be……

The foundation of holograms, from which the apparently 3 dimensional objects are projected, is waveform information……

It really is all an illusion and what we call atoms and even waveform states only manifest as such when they are being observed. They are created by the act of observing – decoding information or thought fields. When they are not being observed (decoded) they exist only as pure potential…..

The realisation that the body is a hologram, like everything else in this reality, opens the doors to explanations about so many mysteries that baffle mainstream ‘science’…

For example one of the amazing characteristics of holograms is that every part of the hologram is a smaller version of the whole. Put another way, if you cut a holographic waveform print into 4 pieces and point the laser at each one you will not see 4 quarter sized versions of the holographic image. You will see 4 quarter sized versions of the whole hologram…

The body is a hologram so every part of the body is a smaller version of the whole….

There is a mathematical phenomenon known as ‘fractals’ which are detailed repeating patterns that can look the same on every level. They can be found in nature and throughout the universe. Fractals are, I suggest, a digital expression of holographic reality where everything is a smaller version of the whole…

One other point worth making is that a holographic universe means that the human body must be a smaller version of the universe and that there must be constant interaction between the two. Look at the similarity between the human and planetary energy fields and electrical activity in the brain and the universe (see book for examples)….

We are the universe and the universe is us. We are everything and everything is us.”

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