This photo depicts the energy body of a man’s left arm.  The man has lost his arm and the photograph was taken with specialist equipment designed to show the light body, or energy body, beneath the material body.  If nothing existed but matter, as western (big pharma) medicine maintains…. then what does the photo show?  It shows them all up as a bunch of silly liars, that’s what.

phantom arm

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Well – They both have to come from somewhere right?

How about a flower?  Out of nothing and then, there it is.  Wondrous.

“Remember that matter is made up of 99.9 % space,” Haramein said.  “Quantum field theory states that the structure of spacetime itself, at the extremely small level, vibrates with tremendous intensity.  If we were to extract even a small percentage of all the energy held within the vibrations present in the space inside your little finger, it would represent enough energy to supply the world’s needs for hundreds of years. This new discovery has the potential to open up access and harness that energy like never before, which would revolutionize life as we know it today.”  From here


Right from the mind of one of the world’s top physicists, the space inside your little finger represents enough energy to supply the world’s needs for 100s of years!!!

Golden Hero Across

Understanding these basics.  That energy precedes matter, and that information precedes energy, one can begin to understand the science behind our quantum cards.

This is the future, and it is vast and brilliant beyond our wildest expectations and imagination.

Together, we must render the holocaust of children being pumped fill of chemicals and drugs to destroy their brains (described here), a forgotten horror story of mythological times long since past.

This article shows that 210,000 lives are lost each year by preventable hospital errors! If you choose to include diagnostic errors, failure to follow proper guidelines, and omission errors, the number climbs to 440,000 preventable deaths each year!
Whether it’s chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, antibiotics, prescriptions, or vaccines, all of them carry a significant risk that damages the vitality of the body and sets the path for a declining quality of life.

Enough said.  We are collectively tasked with the responsibility of standing up for truth and accountability in our health services.  The basic premise is that energy precedes matter, and that realized, anything is possible.  Especially miracles!

Tachyon Amplifier Card - Copy