What if everything we know about treating depression was wrong indeed ?
People who keep themselves informed the world over are now well up on the fact that psychiatric medications have been pushed on healthy people to make them sick, as a psychotic money making exercise by a fascist state.  The article linked above explains that an experiment with mice who couldn’t produce serotonin (SEROTONIN IMBALANCE BEING THE WHOLE BASIS FOR THE CHEMICAL DEPRESSION ARGUMENT) were not at all depressed.  

So according to that basis – the whole argument is BUNK and Anti depressants – SSRI – selective Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are JUNK

In fact the whole chemical imbalance theory is junk.  Basically The big pharma cartel push junk on the ordinary populace and line their pockets in the process! 
This article is just one of 100s of 1000s that confirm that !

“Trouble is, in the minds of many neuroscientists today, that chemical imbalance theory has turned out to be a myth, with little more scientific or medicinal substance than poetry or song…

“It’s certainly been blown up inside the profession. No insiders believe in these (neurotransmitter imbalance) theories anymore,” says Edward Shorter, a medical historian at the University of Toronto.”

At Quantum Spirit Healing we encourage all sovereign integral spirits out there to find the real causes and conditions of their maladies and empower themselves to be courageous enough to embrace true psycho-spiritual remedies. 

Consider this recent article about whether we live in hologram for instance:

Understanding if that is the case (AS QUANTUM PHYSICS CONFIRMS), then obviously it would mean that holistic mind-body spirit remedies would be quintessential to maintaining health.  With an emphasis on the pure quantum information paradigm of pure unobstructed energy for sure.

“All physical matter, everything we have around us is the result of a frequency. If the frequency is amplified, the structure of the matter will change. This self-contained system is a hologram. Change any one aspect of the hologram, and you change the entire system..

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.

What does all this mean for the likes of you and me and Joe Blogg’s then?  Well its exciting times for sure.  We’re collectively breaking free from the seriously misguided pseudo-scientific paradigms that tried to convince we were just material beings and make money from exploiting us.  Game’s up on that fascist greedy nonsense.  Time for a quantum leap into the actual universe which operates according to super-physics beyond the limits of our descriptive abilities.  And thank quantum for that!

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