“In the name of increasing the corporate bottom line, the government watchdog industries of the DEA and FDA, as well as the office of the President, have become the willing lap dogs for Big Pharma and this unholy alliance is serving to endanger our children.

Big Pharma has gone to great lengths to increase sales to the youth of America either through chemically castrating our children’s brains or by producing drugs with very serious side effects which serve to seriously degrade both the brain and the body. Our children are being systematically destroyed by the pharmaceutical industry.”


In centuries to come the dark bleak age of frankenstein pseudo-science disguised as healthy intervention will be sorely lamented.  It’s no great revelation nowadays that 20th century medical interventions are huge killers in far far far too many cases, and regular misdiagnosis and ill informed chemical prescriptions literally ruin people’s lives.

Although that side of the story is a doom and gloom scenario, this only emphasizes the blatant necessity to establish for ourselves and our communities what are the true causes of health and wellness.  As beings of the future, we can quite confidently say that the empirically Newtonian reduction based chemical pollution and manipulation was some weird, twisted nightmare beyond proportion.

Our true state of being is complete and total health.  It is as simple as that.  All we need to do as individuals and as communities is align ourselves with our true state.  It’s not that difficult and better yet, it doesn’t involve any carcinogenic chemicals!

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