What are we about?  What is going on here on terra firma?  What is happening with our minds?  The thesis of the following article we link to below is neurogenesis – essentially doing the right things or taking the right supplements to cause new neural growth in the brain – previously thought of as impossible.

Food for thought for sure.  However… we’re just going to come on out and say it.  Whatever happens on the material level (including the neuronal level) is immaterial unless it is based on a total connection with the source, the vivacious forest of essential conscious vibration, the integrated ocean of quantum foam.  Anything that happens on the level of subject object duality is magnified exponentially if it happens in unison with the melodious chorus of angelic light merging with existential glory through every step and breath.  This dance of quantum unity snaps the individual far far beyond any complicity with the tangible, physical material world – which is rendered a distant memory, an illusive thought and a forgotten dream.

Nevermind neurogenesis people, all good as it may be, just reach for the stars and touch extra galactic quantum wonder.  On this plain of existence (as though there was such a thing as separate levels of existence) all there is to do is go beyond the illusion of your human mind system, the delusion of your mental concepts pertaining to spirituality and alternative living, and dance the extra cosmic dance of complete integral unity with that fantasticisnizmo beyond any word or description totally breaking the mould of conceptual, linguistic, scientific and cultural “norms” – – – just get free, absolutely free –
Stop the chronological, reaction oriented, object based nonsense and live from moment to moment with incredible magnificence beyond parallel.

Golden Hero Across