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from Monday, May 12, 2008 Repair The Damage From Electromagnetic Radiation and EMFs

“………..But here’s the biggest benefit I’ve seen from these nutritionals. They each have been “imprinted” or energetically charged with a blend of frequencies. Now think about that. Nutrients that have been “charged” with frequencies that resonate. That’s very high tech.


So what does this mean to the average person? Well, when you consume a dose of one of these energetically-charged items, it enters your bloodstream and it resonates at the same frequencies as the cells in your body. When this happens your cells recognize these frequencies and, consequently, the nutrients get pulled inside the cell much easier. Therefore, you get a much higher delivery of nutrients inside your cells where they are needed. And so the repair process happens much quicker. In fact, studies show that within two hours of consuming a dose of one of these items your biofield will increase by 48%! That’s significant! Especially when you’re trying to repair damage and build resistance to the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and electropollution.

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