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Please peruse a couple of reviews about these quantum attuned Solar Tabs:

1. Dear Bio Balance Technology,

I love the Enerchi learning process. For just over a year now, I have used your miracle EnerChi tabs. I’ve even had my naturopath regularly test me with a Bicom device (bioresonance) and kinesiology – and the results have been simply stunning!

These tabs increase my vital energy right away and old feelings of weakness have disappeared. I’m not a health nut and my lifestyle and eating habits could certainly be better. I live in New Zealand – where the sun is hot and stabbing in summer. Until last year, I could barely walk in the sun – even after a short duration I would have to lie down in a shaded room for 2 hours.

This year, everything is different: Since taking the solar tabs, walking is a breeze. Not only that, I can spend hours at the beach without getting sunburned! And I feel fit and healthy overall… Not to mention that in recent months I have taken 11 pounds off my weight: just like that, without having changed anything in my lifestyle!


2. This is awesome!

I used to often experience periods of extremely bad temper, and now that’s all over!!! I could not recommend these solar tabs to anyone (young or old) more highly. I was taking 2 or 3 a day.

Thanks for selecting me to test these great tabs – I’m absolutely going to continue using! Please stay in contact!     Yours, Hans-GK (Pohana) “


3. “… after about 4 months, my rheumatism has been completely blown away. Thank you for this miracle! I have been taking 3 – 5 EnerChi tabs a day and may now go down to 2 – 3.

My husband regularly takes 1 tab in the morning and says he feels much fitter. … and that’s true! …. ;-)”     Claudia B (Berlin)