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If you click on the image the text becomes readable but for simplicities sake, I will re-transcribe these great quotes here:

  • Genes are not controlling our biology.  And this is a great change from a belief the genes are deterministic.  Now genes are potentials.
  • I would say that what healing is, is learning to correct the human body field so that it works according to the original blueprint.
  • It appears as though the heart and brain have access to a field of information not bound by time and space… we really do have an energetic system, and that’s really primary.
  • …We’re on the verge of  a completely new paradigm of the way we live our lives so that we can take these new modalities in healing and apply these to every part of our lives.
  • Reconnective healing is a new form of healing that the researchers feel is here on the planet for the very first time…  Suddenly we are able to access a more comprehensive healing spectrum, one comprised of energy, light and information.
  • What we need to do is foster a revolution that shifts our model from a disease centered to a healing centered orientation.

At Quantum Spirit Healing, we’re excited about this information taking the healing community by storm.  We also note that it is somewhat ironic, that they are calling these new techniques, when in fact the universal quantum field (what we like to call the quantum forest) has been a fundamental foundation stone of shamanic healing for many ages =).

However there’s no doubt, that as a society the time for collectively remembering these critical tenants is long overdue.  The fact that it throws the disease based structure of pharmaceutical anatomical medicine into the rubbish tin, is a major bonus and an injection of reason into the arm that society is crying out for.

Essentially the divergence from healing that pseudoscience has commandeered is based on the misnomers (false understandings) perpetuated by Newton and Darwin

  • The understanding of matter was seriously warped, and anything based on that understanding was a house built on soft sand.  Einstein had to come along and say, “”Actually lads, energy precedes matter!”
  • As for debunking Darwin – please stay tuned to our blog – but for now remember that being between Darwinism and Creationism is being between a rock and a hard place (not recommended).  The fact that these two absurd notions that insult correct insight reason and logic have been used as propaganda to indoctrinate young children who have just learned to comprehend, for centuries based is an abysmal reflection on history.  Is there any wonder that society deteriorated to the mess it currently constitutes?Essentially matter is less than 5% of what we actually perceive according to Guilana Conforto of her latest amazing book, Baby Sun Revelations, and the Electromagnetic spectrum makes up only 0.005% of what exists in the universe as mass/matter according to David Icke.

So now we understand the conundrum let’s get on with the HEALING
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