These are the hallmarks of a spiritually free human being. Indeed a being that has transcended their human limitations and shines with the magnificent awake consciousness light of universal forces shining through their being. Essentially we all have this nature at heart.

Our business here – on this planet – is to assist those that have not yet already – return to their source. Essentially it is a collective process of reconnecting with ourselves, one person at a time.

It sounds silly in words. Why? Because it is not a logical, nor a linear process. Indeed it cannot be called a process for whatever it is, is well beyond conceptual understanding and definition. It is a Feeling. Not an emotional feeling, but an Intuition. A deep insight knowing. Yes this is the truth! I know it. I sense it, I can fathom it, comprehend it and realise it and I don’t have to dissect it or explain it. That is the beauty we are speaking of here.

So what are we doing with Quantum Spirit. We are helping folk to engage their true essential innate integral primordial BEINGNESS. We encourage you not only to remember who you are, but also help you to embody that spirit personally. One of the sayings we hear bandied about is the Mayan “In La Kesh”, which means: “I am another you,” and the resonance of these words vibrates actuality. You see, the funny side of this is, it isn’t an individual process at all, rather a collective process of remembering ourself as a community of free spirits who have even forgotten what self-identity is!

Not one person is driving the vehicle – it is on automatic pilot. The earth is the vehicle! We are all being driven collectively – at a great rate of knots – with a power of unity that dwarfs all of us and leaves any past attachments long forgotten, swept up by the desert dust. The vehicle of actualized original essence is one that is knowingly and intentionally unfolding itself, it can seem rather like meeting oneself.