Hi friends,

This is about embracing authenticity and being real. Nevermind whatever is going on in your thoughts. We are manifest here through these biological beings and sensory processing has to be happening as a result of being aware but we encourage you to go one step deeper and really tap into your truth.

Simply notice your awareness itself. What is the source of this pristine consciousness?  See how this faculty of pure insight truth is simple and effortless. Trust and know that this is far far truer to you than anything created by thought.  Know that your being can find rest and unlimited energy in this ocean of belonging.  This is the place, this universe of light wonder where you are connected with all of consciousness, with all of being, no matter what language is being spoken =)

We encourage you to just sit quietly for a few moments when you have the space to do so. For sure it’s a definite that one of the things you will notice is a whole range of thoughts cycling through the sensory mind. This is an important point – Let them go, don’t mind them, let them fly about the place wily nily, don’t worry about being a shepherd and directing them together or what not.  Just see that your thoughts are flying freely about this and that.  Notice that none of it is especially definitive, even if its seems to be, it is not – laugh and relax.  All of it is just data, so to speak – Smile as you let it all go.

See beyond into the vast space beyond this data and now you will feel whole.  Immediately that you connect with the river of light that is your effervescent, bubbling, vibrant source of consciousness flow, then you will pause, and consider yes – this is the being I know – this is the belonging I return to. This is the feeling and the great love that exists and that I exist with and this is transcendent of physicality, or even thoughts. This is the fountain of being and the wellspring of infinite awareness and love. It is where I may truly identify and the space that I belong to even after the death of the body – I am a timeless quantum spirit being and mine is untouchable, unparalleled awareness and freeness.

As you go about your day, we encourage you to remember the peace from your contemplation, but essentially the truth of your reflection. We ask that you will consider your own truth – however that manifests for you – beyond the structure of thought – and to identify with that completely – to embrace that wholeness and be that being. This is where salvation lies – you find it for yourself, of course, as you have always known. Good journeys and happy travels …………