Why Quantum Information Healing is the Future and the Past

“The ‘field’ as Einstein once put it, is the only reality.
It is this field that must be tapped in order to heal.”

A beautiful quote via Lynn McTaggert from www.wddty.com

It really is as simple as that folks.  The quantum life force of the universe extends to all things and all places, all spaces, and all races, it is non discriminatory, not exclusive, and universal in it’s application.

However from a human perspective, it requires the catalyst of consciousness to activate.  This essential quantum forest can unfortunately be obscured or blocked by humans unconsciously and unwittingly.

It is for this reason that Quantum Information Healing becomes paramount in the constant endeavour for happiness, health and well being.  We can sometimes forget our innate primordial oneness with the pure light field of quantum spirit.  In some respects this is part of the human journey on the consciousness merry-go-round.

Our products are specifically designed to assist the human energy body (the chi body or the prana body if you wish) to remember it’s source field.  Which in romantic terms is essentially love, light, peace and harmony.

For further information please tune in with us at quantumspirithealing.net – Om shanti