Dear Readers,

Quantum Spirit would like to extend to everyone a hundred thousand welcomes to our new website.  Thank you for visiting, bookmarking, and sharing.  We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with our latest innovations in applied quantum technology.  We are really driven to get practical and robust products out to the greater community that can help us to find bio-compatibility and bio-harmonize ourselves and our environment in this modern technological age.

Throughout the next year we will be blogging daily (remember in the quantum realm, time is beautifully ambiguous =) and certainly via the social media links at our website, we’ll keep readers informed about the latest discoveries and information and revelations produced from the Quantum Spirit world.  Stay tuned 😉

A warm thank you to our followers and supporters thus far.  A nod to Lynn McTaggert from http://www.wddty.com (what doctors don’t tell you)  What a great name for a website Lynn!  We imagine what doctors don’t tell you to be something like… “Hi I’m Dr H and I’m pushing these junk pills for my dealer Big Pharma – listen while I regurgitate the sound of a lab frog vomiting!”

Full credit to Lynn and her team for the work they do educating the public about the hypnotic propaganda the sold out medical mafia push onto our children and loved ones.  She is so right in her statement that the future of HEALING is INFORMATION medicine.  That’s a definite!  MATTER FOLLOWS ENERGY, ENERGY FOLLOWS INFORMATION.  Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, so as you can see, modern medicine has it back to front….  But they will learn – even if we have to sing it from the mountaintops!

If the tyranny of the medical system worries you, dear reader, just remember in the collective history of humankind on the planet, “modern medicine” has only been around for the blink of an eye and it is bound to morph into something far more holistic and therapeutic with yours, ours, his & hers help.  For sure – it’s a team effort but the power of true health is on the side of truth and truth my friends, is the dominant force in the Universe and NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise!

To Quantum Spirit Dimensions…. and Beyond