The spirit is the Light in all of us, emanating from the Source. The spirit is the very essence, the substance, the reason for being of a human being. No spirit, no matter. It exists unto itself. It comes to travel on earth and takes a vehicle, the body. The spirit is the original, the body the copy. The spirit is eternal. The body lasts only the duration of the journey. It is temporary and mortal. The spirit is everywhere. It is Light, the highest vibration of all. It heals all others. It is perfect. It is God/Goddess fused together. It is androgynous. It is divine. Therefore, the human being is of a divine nature. It is all-powerful, health, life. It cannot be sick. It is unlimited health.’


Definition taken from book “The Medical Mafia” by Ghislaine Siant-Peirre Lanctot – Her website