ImageThe most fascinating aspect to living in the quantum leap time of now is that outdated modalities such as role based relationships and hierarchy based workplaces are obsolete. They can not be sustained as they’re just unnecessary to the quantum spirit beings that we are. The business woman and the maintenance man can sit side by side at the bus stop and speak freely without any trappings of social gearing.

The truth – obvious to all – is that we are all kindred and can communicate freely without recourse to a fake and contrived ‘social standing’. More to the point we have a ‘universal standing’ where our being mingles in a multi dimensional field and we communicate with starfields and vast galaxies and universes beyond wonder. Accepting and acknowledging this open source system is freedom immaculate and our natural state feels so much less of a burden than anything less.

May all our situations flow freely as we bring the depth of our true quantum spirit persona to the fore of every moment.