“Where everybody knows your name – and they’re always glad you came” the lyric made famous by the ‘Cheers’ Tv series title tune hints at a situation far deeper than the pub. It’s a simple truth more accurately rendered – “Where everybody knows each other, and they’re always glad”. For sure this is the real situation quantum and spirit point to and it is certainly not limited to we humans but just extends across well – everything.

Let us actively transcend any contrived limitations that a slave identity based society has taught us in its fearfulness. Truly now is the time we transcend the yoke of false identity. We are free beings – friends of all. Free beings – friends of all and befriended by all.

Friendship is obviously not something bartered like a casino chip, it is the birthright of all and it pre-empts open-hearted free flowing communication that is unbound by role or expectation. Indeed, truly, let us walk together in truth and be noble and proud enough of our real quantum identity to be a friend of all things – all the animals – all the plants and minerals and stars and other persons. Yes verily, actively, it is a joy to open our minds to this actuality and suchness of true relationship freedom and consequently be ‘linked in’ – this love needs no invitation – Love is all and all is love.