It is important to establish that this process of formulating thoughts then speaking or broadcasting them is a – nonsense. It has no macro relevance at all to the wider spectrum as it is merely a group of sensory impressions from different times and places meeting up via neural electrical circuits and reforming into a different arrangement. It is nonsensical because it bears no true relevance to the speaker themselves, nor even to that which is spoken of – ‘the external’. It is equally important to note that the process of running streams of ideas across cognitive faculties, as happens in reading, is equally nonsense. If ones mind was like the ocean – the ideas they pick up from reading are high tide currents washing over rock pools in some isolated bay.

The reason for this short message is to entreat whoever reads it, not to worry too much about what is happening in their sensory mind. This is only a small part of your great substantial being of quantum spirit. We are also not the accumulation of all the sensory data we have processed as the control network would have our children believe. If there was any trap that was set for people to be caught in – that is it. Thankfully though – the trap itself is an illusion as it is clearly a set of void mental formations. Indeed that is the anti-thesis of what we are and to live as the embodiment of sensory data would embodying the illusion – as though that were actually possible in an illusion! So deep thanks to the creator for the exit link that is perhaps accessible primarily by virtue of recognizing the illusion or detaching from the way it manifests.

So we live as the embodiment of all the great things we truly are such as light and love and laughter and joy and so on.  These higher states of being override or underlie all sensory impressions of course!  This has been our choice to bring this natural quantum spirit lifestyle back to earth where it belongs. We trumpet this message from mountaintops and maximize it by exponential billions. Remember who you are – who you truly are. Allow that spiritual wholeness that is your source and wellspring to shine forth and spread around to all the lovely folk here who sometimes need help remembering. Happiness and blessings people – for all the day today tomorrow and the next, and so on