In a space beyond conception and condition there is no doubt and no confusion.  This is our true state and the one that meditation teaches to come back to.  It can also be said that this is our Quantum Spirit.  Many things can be said but we are encouraging folks out there to find what it is to really ‘know’ and ‘feel’ this connection and this belonging to the Quantum Spirit, rather than just think it.  When one truly shifts their internal frame to it’s true source – where it has always called home, even since before the thought of time – then in that wondrous Now is the actual Being and Awareness they speak of regarding meditation.  The meditation process is not needed to arrive there – because how can we arrive where we already are?  It is just to forget what is blocking our true belonging with the Quantum Spirit – silly unnecessary notions such as irrelevant thoughts and mental concepts.  Let them fade into the meadow of forever