Greetings Readers,
A warm Quantum Spirit welcome to one and all.  Who are we and what are we doing in this situation here and now, day in day out, winter after summer, wet after dry.  We are lost in a spell of non-becoming that has scripted all of us in a game half chance half wonder.  The point of it all is to actualize something non actual, to be like the nomadic animals and to dance with the stars.  Do we need to know what this is or can we lose ourselves in the flow?  My thoughts today like everyday is to be true to something that is indefinable – not to be true to ones self or non self but to honour the Quantum Spirit inside one and all.  Let us open the door to this delightful Quantum mystery and leave question and doubt aside.  Ours is an impossibly mysterious, amazingly psychedelic world of true and utter splendor and wonder.  That animating source that drives us to be free and unbridled is the same throughout all beings in this stage of illusion in this place where we appear to have manifested.  Matter fades upon true Quantum insight and the universe within each atom becomes a multi dimensional dream – impossible to clarify or quantify.  Let us delight in truth.
Our perceptions are but a sliver in the electromagnetic spectrum which is a small portion of many multi dimensional spectrums.  We miss more than 95% or what’s actually happening if we try to rationally break it down through our perception.  So be glad to leave it behind and rest comfortably in the truth that we are beyond infinity exponentially, beyond anything we can compute, codify, or name.  Thanks to the unknown for this opportunity and this great unparallelled mystery.